Tuesday, November 27, 2007


In rethorics of international mass media last time is plenty of biased information about latin america political changes.A very simplist point of view is concerned about the presence in many countries of elected governments with popular indian population of not political traditional establishment roots.Bolivia is one good example,Morales has a very huge popular leadership.His program is not a radical one.Many reforms are recomendations of international institutions as Fao as a more
equal access to land by indian poor pesant population.Oil affair program is more
modest as many Opec countries.Chavez issue is other face of the same fenomen.All people forgott about the venezuelan governments in the last 50 years.Instead of profit of oil revenues to build a developped country,money was wasted and issues as education,public health and social conflicts based a bad wealth distribution was the door to Chavez election.Ecuador is other example.Is a very bad international politic say that all politic outside of USA or Europa union politics are a danger to free democracy models.A country with 200 US dollar of people/Revenue by year is nota democratic one only for elect a person to President .This kind of democracy is a bad propaganda to western democracies. The last Meeting in Santiago is posible a turning point in the change of focus in latin america demands to improve social conditions of poor and very poor segments in population.Chavez speech interruption by Spain King Carlos is a sign of unrealistic vision of latin american problems.When are many international economics interest of transnational spanish companies with the ownwership of electrical or telepfonic services in many countries a King is in the best approach a politic representant of spanish people but not a person in charge to protect directories or bad images of private entreprises.Developped countries must learn to hear societies voices and not only manager voices,because the wind of times are changing.And if intelectual and political elites in developed countries ignore the fact,is a high posibility to wake up with a huracan over his heads.

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