Friday, November 30, 2007


Sunday russian must elect a new Duma the equivalent of a representants chamber and the most named no oficial candidate is Wladimir Putin the actual Rusia leader of government that must leave his position nex year.In fact the election is focus as a referendum over United Russia his party and Putin political action in the last years.Putin es a popular people but not enough to reach a 50% in survey.Is not clear the result.Opositionto Putin denounces inequal access in advertisemens facilities specially in TV.Other acuses intervention and presure over voters about,many oferts on some services are offers including scarces foods,some facilities at work or universities ans either doctors atending the ballotage day or free hair cuts.Russia is a very complex political scenary.A new generation of young people is more positive to new economy an the market liberalizacion.But older generation who lives all his lifes in a state rule as provider of works,health care,education are less prone to accept the new situation and Putin reforms.A clue of the election if is enough arguments a more dinamic economy based in high revenues of oil and the crowded streets of Moscu with Mercedes and other occidental made cars and the irruption of a new rich class who have international place in the european jet set.Comunist ideology is far to be popular but to many russian is a remember of a nostalgic past of a international superpower forgetting human rigth advancements and the dark days of KGB power over russian society.But also this new capitalism in russian style is contraversial about corruption episodes, and ilicit enrichment of few people profiting of state colapse economy.Putin power is in scrutinySunday but also a plebicit about the future roads of Rusia society in the next decade,but one thing is certain the older Russia can not win to the new Russia.

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