Sunday, October 05, 2008


Are not oficial records but 250.000 a 300.000 are haitian childs in a slavery condition.We talk in 2008 not in Middle Age.And they are used as a informal work reserve.Of course without pay.One of the degradants works is servant mainly carring water from a very far reservoir to the booses house:imagine a 6 six years old girl with a heavy drum plenty of water walking 5 Many are given by the fathers because they cannot afford his basic needs.E are more vulnerable to be exploitabled because a huge number of them dont have a birth document,they dont exist.The law is against them even when says thar over 15 years old must be pay,the alternative is throw them to the street or continues unpaid as houses servants.A bizzarre tradition or child slavery?Of course es a barabarian form of slavery openly accepted not only for haitian society even by political authorities.A amount of them are conducted in the clandestinity to other countries with better incomes but the childs slaves remain in the same economic situation,even worst because are far from even the ausent own
families.Course the never went to a school.The name in creole is restaveks who means stay with.In social terms they are private property of the lord of the house.But the cruelty dont ended in the physical conditions besides they are forbiden to talk without permission,the are beaten,even forbiden to allowed to display his own emotions this is considerated a great fault and a punition is given.Some people says before the haitian republican statment slavery existed and also restaveks institution.The international comunity sent soldiers to mantain civil order in haiti.But is a order when childs populatioon are in these conditions?This is a social sin,for less great countries has invaded other poweless as Haiti in name of God,justice and freedom. Are information the sell of children in Haiti border,the equivalent of more or less 100 US for a child ownership.In the same market where chikens and macaroni are sold.Unpaid job as servant is for most of them the first decendent step in his life forced prostitution could be next. The impunity of child owners that in many cases they make claims to some hospital or charity institution when a boy or girl escape and take refuge with visible signals or abuse including body induced desformation in his shoulders or chest products od heavy weigths on his backs.The claims are so unethical that the request include money back if the boy or girl is not delivered.
These are facts older published but the child conditions in Haiti es more or less the same.Some says in a society who lost the dignity in older generations the only hope are the news represented by childs.But when in this case both are lost,the only hope are decent people in a globalized world.Some writer one time wrote when a man die a part of me also dead.In Haiti a part of ourself each day lost a piece.

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