Friday, October 03, 2008


Press and media refers them as minorities.Are very poor people living in the outside of Mexico City or in Harlem,peasants in Cambodia or Brazil,african workers in Spain or France.Ilegales from Mexico in USA or hahitians in Canada.You must add the minorities excluded by other reasons in many societies as womens in some muslim countries.The VIH sick people mostly in Africa.The homosexual and lesbian population in all the world.Some people thinks is a necesary product of Post Modern World.If you see the societies in Western World has created a new social class if you add all minorities,the outsiders.And in the results of addition is they are a mayority but without united power.Without political representation in the Governments and excluded
of the fruits of modernity.In many andean countries a lot of people of originary people born and lives all his life with no electricity,no newspappers,no cinema,even the reference world is the land,the valley and a small town without contact with the outside world.many of them aged people has dont see the sea never in his life.But the rest of the world see this events as a God design a natural condition.The stereotips says the are poor but very happy people,a idealistic condition like news tiny paradises plenty of nature and uncontaminated landscapes.But is wrong.In Ecuator some time ago the water sources were contaminated by oil explotation.In Brazil many rural residents has no land at all.The Without Land Movement,millions fo people living in poverty because they are mostly in poor villages with ocasional workers but is aims to follov in the rurality as a life option is now a inhuman condition.Other part of the stereotip are made by the tourism bussiness.Amazonia,Macu Pichu, are icon of beautifull places,forgotten that they are a kind of burial sites of old cultures made for a olds and widsom cultures vanished by the modernity arrival.The outsiders and the social debt are parts of the same paradigma.
For outsiders the principal achieve of modernity democracy means not much.In latin america many social leaders or analysts make a scandal when in Ecuator,Bolivia and even in Venezuela by free elections Contituyents asemblies where news actors in political arena.Iis only a buterflie breath after a huracan.But Is not a utopic theory dream that one of the results of financial crush in western world could be a new political paradigma.If the outsiders by legal means and united actions make news political and social referents could be possible that they obtain not only a better life condition and a more ethical social order


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