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In 1493 Columbus make a special gift to spanish king a lot of "primitive people" carried from the new discovered lands.Certainly Columbus was nor a scientist but this fact was the begining in the mankind history of the human zoo concept also called as african villages in Europe during XIX Century who was the golden age in France,Belgium,Germany,England and other countries.
The concept was very simple,show to the populations wild and primitive peoples as exotics people in the limit of human concept.
Even more some says that was a specimen linking the great appes and man.In fact in a Bronx Zoo a congolese pygmy was put in the same place with the great simios in 1906.But were the world Fair the place of election to show this" primitives".In Paris World Fair of 1889 28 millions of avid french people went to see a "Negro Village".With proud were hosted at a Jardin Zoologique de Acclimatation and the hidden idea is show to european population the avantages to african countries of arrival of the white man " civilization".The colonialism take avantage of the material avantages of western civilization to promotes incorporation of underdevoleped peoples with the most preciated instrument of his technology,the weapons and represented by his armies.A new "culture "arrives and was necesary to disrupt all the social and cultural networks existent to impose the modernism only
way according not only of politician of 19 Century besides by scientists who thinks that was good for the mankind advance reproduce in this primitive societies the european model of education,politics and culture.Nobody said yet this western offer must be free of charge,african,asian, or latino american countries must pay with his natural resources the cost of administation.The common man in France,Germany,Belgium,England an Holland thinks in his back thinking that this was a very fair business to both sides.
In 1931 in Paris in a other world fair was coronated by the colonial exibitions reproduced in other cities as Marseille.Only in Paris 35 millions of people went to see the poor primitives who his government was saving from "ignorance",diseases and inculture.The price was also fair and this night they went to bed with his spirit in peace,after make commments with his wifes.
After the Second World War the nightmares of racism,a first class barbarian actions seems vanished.But in all the world remain many domination areas by western potences eufemistic called "protectorates",as part of commonwealth nations or more simple adding to the nations name the name of the other protecting countries,French Indochina or Belgian Congo.
But the show not ended in 1958 and 2005 many europeans has the oportunity of
to increase his cultural background going to observe the activities of the african villages habitants reproduced in a very realistic way in his own territory.

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