Thursday, October 09, 2008


When somebody receives lend money to avoid a bankrupcy in certain way he loose the property of the business,This are a gold rule of free market culture.In the measures taken by US Treasury Department with more money rushing to crushed banks,oficial autorities are thinking that is better to reasure public opinion and confidence asume the property of all banks in problems.
For many time money baron not only in USA even in all the world make another dogmatic statment that inside management of money papers was at last a private area with no public or at least minimun state presence.The problem come today when the financial sistems fails to solve the cash flow of money working and must the state who lend the money in a contraversial decition
made acording american authorities by people economic security.Are really The brain thinking advisers of Bush and the economic authorities thinking in solve the individual economic problem for every citizen in America en the rest of world afected by the crisis?.I think the answer is not.Perhaps a marginal consecuences of the salvatage action could be this one.But the most important concern of them are other tiny group of society affected also in his pockets who are the banks owners,the boss of all great societies who fuel his hug international business with cheaper money and extraordinary good payement conditions who dont have common people to obtain huge utilities, the most went to pay millionaries past incomes who garantize in the future a economic security for at least teen generation of money baron decendents.
Besides nobody seems asume guilty of past actions.In a peculiar psicological condition all the reason appears as natural induced as a Economic Katrina,no way and without intervention of other person to avoid the crisis result of bad practices of a financial sistem who was not centered on real people necesities.Earning money was a goal in itself, ouside of the thinking that must be to solve human needed actions with priorities given by the principle of international social justice.
Now the economic world landscape seems at least dark because the solution is outside
of real roots of problem.Political authorities in USA ,Europe and other wealthy economies must make a bond with the emergents social and political authorities in a first steep to solve the coyuntural issue,but more important with third world societies.The clue of go out to a healthy economy is and for this the first task is make a brain washing action of economists working not only in governmemts of USA or Europe even in international banking and financial institutions .Is needed a World Economic Union Plan with political and social real democratic consensus based in this new ethical paradigma who clean the international arena of bad practices as speculative markets,dark economic actions as weapons hidden traffics,lending money to finance corrupts governments
for economics reasons of geopolitic.A no incentive to finance industrial complex to produce innecesary goods,contaminate planet,regulation about military expending.Western subscription of Kioto Protocol.Norms of public information of money world circulation market and about also the control of separate rols of public an private actors with punition of peoples who are in both sectors taking decitions to give avantages to his owned privates economics societies.A new organization of International banking sistem.Gived power to ONU to accord rules of conducts in international economics regulation.A globalized world must have a globalized economic set of rules and a country who infringe them must be punished in the same way as a war by economics reasons to a tiny country or for etnic cleaning reason.The countries who infringe this rules must be banned.The degree of human development reached by human societies in the begining of XXI century must be the accord with a new conduct code,is not fair use a obsolet one based in dogmatics principles made 200 years ago who is as a old house damaged by the time,weather,wars bombardent and at last by termites who is eating the house foundations,painting the house exterior no solve the problem.


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