Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The Alerce ceddar is the Southern Hemisphere largest conifer and with a life span around 3.000 a 4.000 years.Chile has 264.993 has of alerce native forests.About 17% en national Parks or Reserve(40.000 has).The tree is 40 meter tall and wih a 30 meter diameter.
The chilean frontier forests are de great ecological value,they store vast quantities od Carbon that contribuites to global clima regulation,they are located
in the South in the nearby of the most pure rivers and marine waters in the world.
In old time alerce timber was used in boat contrution by chilotes fisherman.
Today is a nationa Monument and his cut and explotation in forbidden.
Many NGO of all world are concern about the conservation of Alerce native forest considered aone of the last forntier forest and a world global reserve of biodiversity and a agent of genetic reservoir for future restoration forest ecosistems types.

From:Chile Frontier Forest:CITES
Defensa del Bosque Chileno.
Imagen:en Internet de Global Forest Watch


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it is clear that you like your country and that you have noble ideas to defend

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