Friday, March 17, 2006


Michelle Bachelet is the first woman elected as Chile President.For the most denominated latinoamerican consevative society is a challenge.There is no doubt of the star quality of Michelle Bachelet.In the last edition of The british The Economist apeared a long article about her.
Ms Bachellet will head the fourth succesive government of a party centre-left coalition.Chile enjoy policy stability and political consensus of a kind that is rare in latin America,so radical changes is not in store.But the new president has promised to govern in a more open way,with more voice to citizens groups and less for political parties.
The callenges for Michelle Bachelet period are:To sustain economic growth,create a a more equalitarian society,improve the educational systems and reform the privatised pension system.
Besides secure the energy need of the economy.Chile have not oil reserves but one of greatest natural water reserves,but ecological groups are beware of the care of the pristine area in the southern.
The Ecomist in the end said that the wew President she would like to be remembered both for what she achieves and how she achieves it.That is a tall order.To secure change,boldness will have to bed tempered by compromise and citizen democracy with professional politics.

Source Ercept from The Economist Internet Edition 9/03/2006

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