Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Stylised designs of animals as llamas and people remains as giant paints over the the plains and mountains of Atacama desert.Today in the New Scientist edition an article refers about research made by scientist of University of California about the clues and meaning made by pre historic artists.The Norte University also has made in the past reseaech en the same way.Some argues that denominated geoglyphs wrere made to guide the travel about desert safer trough the driest region in the world.By his extension geoglyph are very dificult to date.More dificult is the finding of the authors people.Teh geometric designs wree mostly made by scraping away an axidised layer of soil.
Hte very hard climatic conditions made very dificult to dig in search of buried
human evidence of the unknown artists.

Source:The New Scientist

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