Friday, March 03, 2006


In XIX Century Nitrate obtained from Caliche a raw material who spread about the pampa of Tamarugal was exploited by chilean an foreign capital.Was the first income source of Chile at this times,1889,Balmaceda was one of the more clever President and after a Civil War who lost he comited suicide.
This is a briefing from his speech to the Representants Chambers in June 1889:
" It is true that we must not close the doors to free concurrence and production of nitrate of Tarapaca,bur we cannot consent either that such vast and wealthy region be converted into a simple foreign factory.The fact that the very serious and real event that the singularity of the industry,the way in wich constitution of nitrate ownership has ocurred,the absortion of the small capital by the foreign capital,and up to the class of the races that will dispute the imperium of the vast and fecund exploitation,impose a special legilation based in the nature of things,and the special needs of our economic and industrial existence"

Source Historia del Salitre,Oscar Bermudez M.Ediciones de la Universidad de Chile,Santiago de Chile ,1963 en Internet

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