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One of the most crucial battle in War Wold One at sea took place in 1 November 1914 off the coast of Central Chile.On one of the bay of Arauco Gulf at Coronel 25 kilometer were I live,Concepcion.
During the batlle a Royal British Navy squadron commanded by Rear Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock was meet and defeated by the german Kaiserliche Marine led by Vice Admiral Graf Maximiliam Speee.Was the first defeat of a british navy squadron since Battle of Chesapeake in 1781.The four german cruiser were more modern and best armored against the british ships.
Cradok had recived word,again via intercepted radio signal on 31 October that SMS Leipzig,the slowest cuiser in Spee`s fleet was in the area.He promptly ordered his squadron north to cut it off ans instead found himself confronting Spee`s entire force the following day around 4.30 p.m.
Cradok could scape,instead he choise to figth.About 7.00 P.M. the battle began the sea dificulties were against the british and also the sun location
Here Good Hope received heavy fight from Scharnhorst,and after he recived one torpedo and half hour latter the magazine exploted.The ship sunk with His 920 crew sailors and there were no survivors.
The same happen with the Monmouth british cruiser who sunk with 720 vrew sailors.Again there were no survivors.
The german fleet has not causalities but the british revenge took place in 8 december at Malvinas Island place of defeat of Graf Spee and the sunking of Scharnhost an Gnneisenau,2040 german sailors died at the Malvinas Battle.

Souce:Steel and Steam,The Coronel Memorial and Wikipedia
Image:Google The Good Hope

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