Thursday, March 09, 2006


Image: "Judith " by Gustav Klimt austrian painter XIX Century


cinamuse said...

Thank you for sharing so much beautiful art work, nature photos and excellent information throughout your blog.

Your intelligence, warm heart, interests and concerns are a pleasure to see and read.

cinamuse said...
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Jorge Gajardo Rojas said...

Thanks.Today I visited your blog.The posted Total Recall is interesting is a inside personal trip with someone?I feel deeply sorry no understand at all your
writing,but the Idea yes.
You can see in my other blog "Jorge
Gajardo this last time I discover
Gustav Klimt paints..Are a beutifull work.
I promise a coment in your blog
this week.

cinamuse said...

Hola Jorge,
Tengo gusto de su blogs y arte mucho.

Visíteme por favor. No es privado. Podemos compartir ideas.

Pardon mi muy poco español.
Gracias. Usted es un amigo bueno.
Sinceramente ~

PS: Pardon mi error. - double post.
Please delete.