Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Alvaro Uribe was re elected as Colombia President after a ballot yesterday.With 7.556.000 votes is not necesary a second chance because the second Gaviria of left wing parties obtain only more or less 2 million votes.Uribe in his actual period achieves a real stabilization of economy with a 4% average in growth indicator as PBI.Also a neutralization of Farc guerrillas who remain by 40 years a rural insurgency.But the task for the next four years is not easy.Colombia experiment a shortage in energy sources as oil of internal production.Besides the international prices od agricultural products as coffe are decreasing in world market
by competition of asiatic countries as Viet Nam.Ha must also obtain a real solution
to Farc issue.A program of politics ans social reforms may be the solution to a country who has no made a agrary reform and with many poor population in rural areas who are recluted by the guerrilla.But Farc a marxist oriented mouvement has not many chances on political field and with the increase of logistic power of Colombia Plan must accept Uribe proposal to achieves Peace in a country who has a virtual civil war en the last 50 years.

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