Sunday, December 02, 2007


Today in a audience wit NGO in Rome Pope Benedict XVI accuse international institutions of moral relativism ignores human dignity and the true about human conditions.In his view a erroneous concept about pacific coexistence based in a egocentric view about international order without space to poor nations necesities,economic short terms interest based in welfare of some rich countries.Also a selective defense of human rights with only considerations of needs of efluents society and forgett basic needs of weak societies who dont have power to make public his dramas as hunger,poverty and diseases.Pope think is a strong claim about a double discourse in international forums hidden the real problems of third world and puting other themes as more important as terrorism and making from center of human activities material needs including to a lavish level instead to worry about Sudan drama or iraquie daily genocide.
Moral relativism coined by Pope is a old concept of Catholic Church till to day in direction of private life,but is new claim to actual international order.If one think has a broad implication in international order.Bad trade conditions betewen Europe and most developped countries,segregation or exlusion to work in theses countries to migrants as mexican in USA or africans in France.monopole and high revenues in services on international american entreprises
on South america specially in basic services(telecomunication,water in great cities even the banking sistem).More dangerous a psicological brain washing demonizing about reformist politics who dont accept conditions of FMI or other puting the label of prone to social disorder or pro terrorist.Is nor first time Pope speak with his style of a mild person,but the important thing is that his statments are very strong and critic about unfair international practices and also a very strong defense of the essence of human dignity who refuse accept citizens of first and second class,the existence of absolute human rights as life,respect of individual culture and freedom to make social and political choices without interference of powerfull countries and his
economic or military menaces.

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