Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Chile has not oil at all.The main energy source is imported gas and fuel.But electricity generated by hidroelectrical central is huge.In fact the country is plenty of rivers who ran from Andean melting ice glaciers in water to blend with Pacific waters .Chile north is a desert.The center and the south are very rainy.The solution was build a dams net over the rivers to generate energy.But a growing economy and more demands of modernity,the rising prices of oil and the chilean desire not depend by political reasons of foreign gas from Bolivia or Argentina make hidroelectricity the cheaper and internal natural source of energy.But the problem were the rivers.More and more public opinion is opposed by eological reason to build more dams.In fact Endesa a former chilean state entreprise now in spanish private hands is planing profit of the Aysen rivers named Pascua,Backer and to build there three new central from now till 2015.Consecuences about 94 km2 or 6.000 hectares flooded and under water and a very pristine wilderness ecosistem in danger.But a new element is in the discusion very powerfull ecologic groups opposed to dams including some of USA who baked chilean ecologist one.The issue is very complex.Many people demands if developped countries and groups are right to be very simpatetic to care of environment in oher countries.But who pays the rise of the price of energy if it is scarce?Is not posible to import electricity.Besides international comunity give no any incentive to Chile if the alternatives used ass more ecological solutions like wind or sea complex to generate electricity.In fact both are more expensives.Other solution is nuclear centrals.But chileans are not very proclive to a dangerous energy source.The polemics is instaled.Certain the rivers Pascua and Backer region are anot yet very populated , but now with globalization of information is very dificult to discut the issue en four walls. Also chilean society are very strong minded over conservation of natural life and water conservation.It will be o a not very easier task to Endesa and other economics groups to build the proyected hidrolectrical complex.Recently the last experience was Ralco central,in Bio bio basin river in the very begining at andean Laja river r who was hardly resisted by pehuenches comunities living in the place.Certain Patagonia is not habited by mapuche people but the begining only of prospection studies has faced many ecologic and environment protection groups and the main weapon to impeach dams building is Internet.Many ires acumulated could be a hidden energy to menace plans of hidrolectrical consorciums to build the dams with a potential capacity of 2.400 Mega Wats or 30% of actual energy of water actually generated at Chile.But the question is if, a less if international comunity wih preserve wilderness at chilean Patagony is in disposition to share or pay to chilean society to preserve rivers basin untouched or sell oil to preferencial prices to generate energy.


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