Thursday, January 10, 2008


Till morning today Llaima Volcan southern in Chile a very active volcan has enter in eruption.The mount about 4.000 meter high send a dark cloud of ashes who arrived today to Atlantic Ocean about 3.000 kilometers far in Argentina territory.In the nearby in a very beatifull surrounding lives abot 5.000 people most little farmers.No casualites are reported.The peak all the year covered with ice is today all melt and in the night fire is viewed on the volcan mouth.The cloud reach about 3.500 meter high.All the volcan area is plenty of araucarias a tree about 5.000 years old a relictus os past age and is a national natural monument in Chile.Besides is a lake near the volcan basis.Yesterday Stehpen Hawking who visit a fisic friend in Chile has observed the active volcan inside a airplane.

homo.luden andensis

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