Thursday, January 10, 2008


Last end of week in a riot with police forces a mapuche university student was shot and dead.The incidents took place during a intentional forest burning made by a group on mapuche etnia opposed to forest firms owner of the most land reforest to obtaim timber and celulose.The mapuche vindicatates more land,in fact a devolution of millions of acres delivered by old governments to colonization by european and chilean inmigrants during the end of XIX century.Governmet has delivered about 500.000 has during the democratics government to comunities as compensation.Araucanian the true name of about 600.000 people was a migrant people living on South of Chile and Argentina.Never was defeated by the spanish army and only after many quarrels with chilean troops in XIX century sign a peace agreement to share his territory.Most living in rural area are poor peasants and others most young people migrates to cities as urban workers,the women in domestic services and the men in low calificated works.Mapuche contest the building of dams to obtain electricity in his ancestral territories,the surrounding of his land by forest plantations, who in his view use all water by the trees.but specially the decrimination by chilean society and his poorness.Also demand a more equalitiarian acces to modernity and obtain the recognization of his cultural diversity.Certain mapuche groups intents radicalized his demand burning not only plantation also trucks an forestry machines.Many are en jail for this acts.The last incident is a warning to authorities because the demand could extend to big cities in where mapuche demands are supported by other leftist organization in universities an human rights groups.The Catrileo death could be a simbol to mapuche aims in the next times.

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