Thursday, January 24, 2008


All years a japanese fleet cross over the seas to hunt whales.Antartica waters are not free to the active japonese fishing ships in charge to hunt them.The paradox is hunting a specimen that is only 1% of whale population after 40 years of efforts to conservate them.Nobody knows the results of the "scientific japonese research".Is necesary to kill a hundred of whales to know more about his biology or fisiology?The real fact are in Japan is legal to sell whales meat.More is a delikatessen dish and very expensive.Against world international public opinion all years in a world international forum who rules the whales matters Japan demands all years increase or lift the ban forbiding the hunting os some species in risk on extintion.A bizarre fact are that many without fishing or fishes population are incorpored to vote on back od Japonese demands.Many countries could be receiving not confirmed monetary aids from the japonese.Many of the tiny whale population arrives every years to south Chile shores near Antartica on his annual migration cycle.In fact are a Santuary in Chiloe sea waters a huge island in chilean patagonia area in were is forbiding the whale hunting.All survey in chilean public opinion shows a great mayority of chilean people are opposed to japonese whale hunting.the people demand dont refuel japonese fleet in charge of hunting or fishing on nearby of chilean waters.Nobody understand why Japan afford a high image cost could be in future to face a boycot of japonese manifactured products not only in chilean market besides in all South American area.


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