Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Last week arrived to Chile Stephen Hawking the famous english named the second Einstein of XX Century.The objetive is make a visit to Alvaro Bunster the director od The Centre Of Sciences a brain trust of scientist located at Valdivia in the South of the country.Hawkins is member of Lucasian Academy a renamed forum who has Newton as a member.Hawkins is one of the most briliant brain in theoretical fisics with research about the dark holes energy,the Big Bang an the begining of Universe.The election is not to hazard,Chile is far the best place to look in southern hemisphere the Universe.In fact many theoretical conclusions are demostrated by the observations made by astronomers of all world in a 25 Observatories located in Atacama Desert the driest place in the world without rain in 200 years,Besides Bunster team has made research about Antartica tectonics.Stephen that can not walk and speak by himself.Demostrate be a warm and very human person enjoy for people and making a trip over Llaima volcano in iruption till 2 weeks and after making a ship travel by Calle Calle river.At end gives a conference about the exterior of black holes.The ocasion was celebrates the 60 birthday of Bunster.

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