Friday, May 05, 2006


Rural poverty is The Problem of Problems in the actual times.United Nations estime 1.200 million people living in poverty conditions in the world,specially in Africa,Asia and Latin America,mostly peasants.The goal to eliminate rural poverty in 2015 seems a dificult task.Geographic isolation,lack in basic services in health care,education,electricity and other basic services of urban areas and modern life are the principal effects.Also a self perception to be poor and also discriminated by poverty state,racial and cultural rooots.Instead the rural comunities develop a strong solidarity links with the similars.If you search Internet you find a miriad of state,private,NGO and International Agencies implicates in the issue.The motivationare differents,religous,political,real comitment with the people,international political reasons.The list is long and the cordination is weak.THe cultural appproch paternalist of many of them causes damage when the charity aid fall an gone.In many cases a new private burocracy is created and the peasant felt the volunteer as outsider and without perception of the real demands of them.The different idiom make more dificult the job.Besides some government are very sensible to this private aid,it looks as a revolucionary seed and potential demands to States.
Certain some must be done,hunger for example is urgent in some africaans feed people in some catastrophic areascountries.But the point is realize that real problems of the all world especially for developed contries is ouside and secular poverty.Heat Global Warm,endangered especies,climate Chage,No proliferation of
nuclear weapons to all countries not only to poor countries,sure,are problems. But priority must be say is rural poverty that is a social scandal to all people an specially developped world.Poverty is the great social disease of 2006 times.Respect of native culturesand self estim,promotion of self liberty to develop a properly mode of life,no selling of utopias who dont works as comunism,increase aid to a pragmatic approach to rural education.Acces of information as Internet in rural areas are some of the challenges and the first point policies of social justice in economic relationships with under developped countries. Free acces to medicaments patents,neutrality in political internal affairs,are some clues.A human overview of poverty and not a biased focus only in economic approach or a geopolitical and national power problem affaire, who end in many cases in a profit matterpfor private trust instead in a issue of strong moral implications.

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