Thursday, May 11, 2006


Chilean President Michelle Bachellet and spanish Governement President José Luis
Zapatero,suscribed yesterday in Madrid a Strategic Asociation Plan to improve
the political and economics relationships.The comercial trade is improving faster
after the signature in 2003 by Chile a Free Trade asociation with the European Union.Chilean exports to Spain increase 35.3% in the last two years and only 14.4% for spanish export to Chile.Besides Spain is the second largest investor in Chile in the telecomunication,electrical energy suply services and banking.The total amount o Spain private sector investiments are en the last ten yerar about 14.000 US millions.
After Spain visit Bachellet go to Bosnia Herzegovina to meet the chilean troops of the UN surveillance forces and end his trip in Viena to participate in the Europa Latin America an Caribean Summit.In a very complez scenary after bolivian actions in oil an land tenure issues,the contraversial contruction of two wood paper usines by Uruguay on the de la Plata River with oposition of Argentina and the last and polemics declarations of Chavez to increase venezuelan state participation on oil utilities.One of the most important issue of discusion point are the european private investiments in the actual moment.

Source: ABC Madrid

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