Friday, May 12, 2006


I have a doubt because in my ecoestadistc frame appeared that the mayority of visitors in both blogs sites are from USA,in circunstances that the mostly posted is in spanish.Surprise, I try to adventure some clues.Are american people who understand my idiom,other some of the 40 millions hispano parlants people of latino american origin who lives in USA.The last real interest of some american to know more
of this tiny country located in the corner of the world.Conclusion,I must give more atention and efforts to Chilean Made.But I dont know what are the issues of more interest for person visting form USA and other people of other place who ignore spanish.Besides are the fact that visitor no write coments.
I beg if it is possible give me some clues to improve the interest and quality of post in both blogs.Thanks sincerely

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Kimie said...

I visit both of your blog everyday.
I can read JORGE GAJARDO ROJAS not at all but I can read Chilean Made with English-Japanese dictionary. However, it’s difficult for me because there are some words that are not on my English-Japanese dictionary.
For exsample, ecoestadistc, mayority, circunstance, parlant and moreof.
I hope to understand your blog and write coments some day.

Jorge Gajardo Rojas said...

Ecoestadistic is a informatic device to know the number of visitors to the blogs,the country,the day and the most visited coments.Mayority,perhaps os not correct,but means often,the most of times,Circunstances is more dificult to explain me.I try to say
in this way,in this oportunity.Parlant would be a person who speak a idiom,for example you are a japanese parlant person.Thanks for your comment.

Kimie said...

I placed this comment side-by-side on ‘Chilean Made’ and read your blog again.
I could understand it!
Thank you so much for your reply.