Saturday, May 06, 2006


Yesterday in Port de Iguazu en the brasilien argentina frontier meets,Evo Morales,Chavez,Lula and Kitchner to discuss the bolivian oil field nacionalitation by La Paz Governement.Three hours of discussion without others oficial and the conclusion:No interruption of gas delivery to Argentina an Brasil,expectatives for Bolivia and worries to the two importers countries of a raise actual prices, one BTU gas price from 3.8 US to 5.00 level.Evo also said that gas price in California cost for one BTU three more times.Brasil imports only 3-8 % of gas but all for a very sensible area,San Paulo his industrial heart.Argentina depends about 50% of Bolivian gas an the demand is rising.And Chavez? before of meeeting Hugo Chavez made a trip to La Paz to advice Evo and colaborators.Also all made mention to transcontinental gasduct the venezuelan proyect.In the future not also oil but venezuelan gas arrives to Mercosur countries.Menace of Petrobras of no investiment continuity vanished by Lula words,Brasil continues to make in the future investiment in oil field.
Morales had many inside problems and the formal initial reactions of the other presidents give a breath of air to solve them,the future will say if his political position very strong acording to recent polls above 70% of popularity is increasing or weakening.

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