Friday, May 26, 2006


BBVAFundation of Spain has made a opinion survey about social capital to 20.000 people in 13 countries Denamark,USA,Spain,Turkey,Israel,Germany,Japan,France,Italy,United Kingdom,Mexico,Rusia and Chile.The bakground considers two esential component of social capital.The confidence level and the social nets.The asumption is that in a society with high confidence levels ,reduce cost in agreement buidings and social nets formation and also reinforces the relationships and information trasmition
in people.This issues are crucial in reinforcement of democratics ties in society.
Confidence levels reduce the incertitude because a risk factor is the expected behavior of the other and this willbr diferent to expectatives.The conclusion, in general countries as Dennmark an Usa with higher level of confidence en people.
Other not at all as Chile and Mexico.The most best evaluated institutions in general are the Justice systems in European in developped countries.And the badest evaluation are politician in all countries.The perception of diferent Churches are very diferent in all countries.One conclusion for me ,Capital social and his development are more important than economic concern in Under developped countries.
The high level on default of confidence in people make very dificult promote democracy and also business.One of relevant issue are the levels of transmission of information in people.

Source:In spanish BBVA Public Opinion
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