Wednesday, May 03, 2006


In Latin America the idea of a only common union of countries is old.Bolivar the venezuelan hero was the first in claim his urgency.But instead of a a unique shearing about the issue,the divergence about the way to developp is quite divergent.
Mercosur includes Brasil,Argentina,the biggest countries in the region with tiny countries as Uruguay an Paraguay as partners.Argentina have a inside estrategy based in his agricultural wealthy as a basis to create a national industry.Brasil have a market export oriented economy based in soya,beef meat,coffe and a properly energy
estrategy based in vegetal oil form sugar canne.Last month Lula said that Brasil is self provived by bio diesel and a huge car industry of biodiesel unities is growing.
Uruguay and Paraguay are disapointed about the unilateral actions of Brasil and Argentina,specially in energy field.Uruguay have problems to build two celulose plants in the nearby of Rio de la Plata River a natural frontiers betewen the two countries for ecological reasons.
In hte other side CAN,Comunity of Andean Countries formed by Venezuela,,Colombia Ecuator ans Perou have a srong critics fron Chavez ,Venezuelan president for "kill rhe CAN with the signature by Colombia,Perou and Ecuator in the near future of TLC
Free Trade Agreement with the USA.
Venezuela is planning buil a oilduct from his oil fields to the heart of Mercosur,besides agree to sign a comercial convention with Argentina;Meat and grains for oil.
Making more complex the scenary,Cuba,Bolivia and venezuela suscribe recently a Freindships Treaty not very clear in the economics goals.
The declaration yesterday of Evo Morales of oil and gas nationalization in la Paz
make more complex the landscape and is a easy task a prediction about the real posibilities of a Economic and Political Southamerican integration.
Some critics says that neoliberalism politics and globalization make more dificult
and in the some way impossible a real union in the near future of Latin American countries.The times dont wait but actually is not easy to find a political leadership
to make posible the Simon Bolivar dream.

Ilustration.Diego Rivera,mexican Painter.

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