Thursday, March 15, 2007


If you visit New Wonder web site you can make a choice of the seves most beautifull monuments of mankind in the last 2000 years.In the list with more posibilities 21 architectural well knowed in tourism tours and other as national pride sites.The dead line to ballot is six July 2007.The election is in Lisbon Portugal the next day.My choice;Petra,The Great Wall,Moscow,Saint Basil Church,Macu Pichu in Perou Andes,Eastern Island Statues in my country,Chile,Timbuktu construction and Taj Mahal in India.
On top till today;Taj Mahal,the Gitza Pyramids,Chichen Itza in Centro America,Colosseum in Rome,the Great Wall and Petra.The balloting by Internet is a avantage to developed countries as USA with Liberty Statue or France with Eiffel Towerur.Organizer are worried about the vote in developing countries whre Internet is in infancy,China is a exception,but Perou,Ejipt,or Chile are few population and Internet users.Also is contrversial if is a effort to protect thew world heritage or only a comercial one

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