Tuesday, March 13, 2007


In all natural ecosistems in the named Third World,forest,mountains.lakes and river grows many herbs,bushes,tree an flowers containing chemical ingredients who at last chemist find new elements as medicines high content of amonoacids,antioxidants,fatty acids.But many ecological fundations became the entry door to comercial entreprenurial companies seeking make good profits in Western Market avid form organic feed stuffs.The fenomen happens in Africa,Lartin America,Asia .The point more contraversial is when they isolate some chemical compounds or improve by bio genetics some flora then by legal devices obtain the property rights and make good profits.Paradox,some origin countries must pay drugs or seeds of this herbs and trees.ONU must regulate more this kind of "ecological" bussiness that not improve generally the life conditions of populations mostly aborigins that for centuries has developped a culture based in natural products in diet and medicine.
This in connection of a article about Ecology and Commerce in Alter Net

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