Thursday, March 15, 2007


Two books about american unoficial policies in the last 100 years,including latinamerica.Greg Grendin Empire Workshop Latin America,The Unites States and the rise of the New Imperialism and Stephen Kinzer
Overthrow America Century of Regime change from Hawaii to Iraq explain the facts but give no clues to future.
USA has ever believes that latinoamerican countries are only a business place and the people are the governments.Besides that latinoamericans have the same culture values as the average "gringo" citizen.Both paradigms are wrong.For latinoamerican economic issue is not the more important,social issues are more relevant.
We in our countries don understand why a ilustrated society with internal respect of values as individual freedom,human life,free acces to information,a free press,can accept without great problem intervention, some times brutal of USA in overthrow democratic elected governments as Chile en 1973.Is not enough say 30 years after We sorry the deaths or the destruction of social network of chilean society.
Is not only a economic and political issue is a ethic debt from one society to other.
The USA Institution of the time who promotes intervention where the oficial,not individual of a gang acting in the dark of the night.American society works with many social filters and latinoamerican doubts are why intelectual elites,religous intitutions,free press are unable to stop bad actions of a small group of oficial,trasnsnational directories and bad advisers acting to "preserve ther erronous named christian capitalism.


cinamuse said...

Dear Jorge,
It is very difficult to understand why conscientious, intelligent americans are incapable of changing the policies and actions of the US government. In an effort to be brief: The fight is against mass corruption, demagoguery, misinformation, excessive consumption, mega-corporate powers and public complacency. Not an easy battle.

Jorge Gajardo Rojas said...

I agree with you.But you live in this country ,for us we suffers the irradiation of such policies.But the world es changing.See Latin America is very diferent to 1980 and for best.
I promise to vist en the week your blog.Jorge