Saturday, March 10, 2007


Bush visit Latinoamerican countries not at all,only Brazil,Uruguay,Colombia,Guatemala and at the end Mexico.The most short way to Mexico es going to the border.Is Latinamerica yet the back yard of USA?.Not at all.Chavez,Morales,Correa,Ortega ruled Venezuela,Bolivia,Ecuator and Nicaragua,all leftist in the american way to view the politician.Argentina has not properly good ties with Uncle Sam.And Uruguay and Chile are ruled by socialists Presidents,moderate but leftist at the end.No mention to Castro is the extrem range in the political spectrum.
The question is what is the motivation of Bush visit?He have not many to offer after Iraq and with Iran in mind and besides have a low level of approval not only en USA so in many countries.Only a reason;Tourism,is only a tourist travel without political achievements.

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