Sunday, March 11, 2007


Brazil is a huge country and with a emerging economy,but without oil reserves.The solution sugar cane and ethanol a by product to move his industry.In fact Brazil is the first ethanol producer yn the world from sugar cane.In Bush visit to Lula both decide sign a agreement to increase and improve biodiesel production.USA is the largest ethanol producer using corn.But the question is is a good action the ethanol production in a huge volume in a tropical area with a very altered ecosistems by natural forest substitution in profit to sugar cane culture.Too much land is also desforest in the past to cattle farming,in fact Brazil have 200 million head in pastures in before amazonia forest.The problem is if better to a country be have self sustaintable oil economy in the short time based in depredation of natural resources in a eminent global warming future with loss of fauna and flora for the futures generations.And this is not only a brazilian issue is a global problem also.

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