Monday, March 19, 2007


Iraqy war enter in his fourth year.Why has won USA in this time?Nothing.But the world has lost many.Iraq civilian deads,? how many 100.000 ,60.000?.The war was against Saddam regime.Tha battles against his arm ended a few weeks after american intervention.But the responsability after is outside of international order.The common sense said thar iraquies authorities election was a show and are puppets from USA.Masive destruction device not founded,aberration in military prisons against prisioner,a desvasted economy,not cheap oil at last.What is the sense of remain about 145.000 soldiers in other country with out control of the self violence generated by the vacuum political power bo overthrow os Saddam regime?Today Iraq is a country with a divided society,with a uncovered civil war with no hope to finish.American people is a historical a very pragmatical one and with respect of values as freedom and human rights inside his country,the better for them is a withdrawl of the soldiers.For public world oponion is a ethical issue.The other option is that, for american are irrelevant the voices of others peoples

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NOCTURNA said...

La guerra con sus tristísimas imágenes no son suficientes para ablandar los corazones petrificados de los altos mandatarios político-militares.

Es inconcebible que el hombre sea capaz de AUTOEXTERMINARSE de este modo...