Monday, December 10, 2007


Today in Buenos Aires Cristina Fernandez asume the argentinian Presidency.Nine state chief are in the city.The newspapers of the Argentina are not very interested in the fact,football and other local issues are more relevant.The reality that Madame K is the wife of the actual president mark a shadow of indiference about expectatives of real changes about the campaign promises.
The relevant issue happens yesterday when in Casa Rosada the government house 7 president sign a document making oficial the birth of South Bank,el Banco del Sur.A new south american bank with a initial capital og 7.000 milliones of US dollars.The members an financial sponsors are Brazil Bolivia,Paraguay,Uruguay,Argentina,Ecuator and Venezuela.After referundum defeat of Chavez this is a personal achivement.The Bank was a Chavez idea,also the localization of the main office be located in Caracas with two regional branches in La Paz and Buenos Aires.The aim is make a diferences with multilateral financial organization as FMI and BID acussed not only by Chavez also by Kitchner of make political pression to obtain that south american countries make in the past impopular politics to obtain credit devolution.The great proyect thinked inicially in the South Oleoduct a Chavez ambiciuos proyect to transport oil and gas from Venezuela to other countries of the southern areas,a very dificult and very expensive and tecnical complex.
Is not clear the relationships betewen trade an political agreements as Mercosur and the new Bank,but today Cristina new president make statments about Chavez contribution to union of south american countries an also Lula leadership.The times tell us in the future if thje South Bank was a real integration measure or was a new white elephant a no south american animal
but incorporated to the poltical fauna of social issues of this part of world.

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