Saturday, December 22, 2007


It seems a suspense film about a inteligence operation.He has all ingredients,money, custom police,governments officers,many air trips, and one american court and of course beautifull womens.Miami,Buenos Aires and Caracas are the locations..The theme.A bussinesman arive in a rented aircraft to international airport of Eseiza in Buenos Aires.A custom policeman found a suit case with US 800.000 no reported.Is not posible establish the money origin and the the finality.One witness say that was money as financial contribution to one candidate in Argentina.
Argentina authorities speak about a garbage inteligence operation.Other says that money came from Venezuela ,before argentinian demanded the capture of the principal suspect.Argentina make a statment about an inteligence operation in a moment that a new government asumption an to damage relationships betewen Chavez a Kitchner wife the new president.People involucrated are high employers and bussinesmen in energy business betewen both countries.USA ambasador in Buenos Aires make other statment saying that diplomatic ties betewen both countries are normal.To USA is only a legal issue but the shadows of doubts are in international press are and also on the air.Is not first time the connection money , international relations and geopolitcs.To argentinian the damage is done,Chavez mantain a low profile all world has before hear his opinion about USA policies to Venezuela.In Mercosur meeting all Presidents back Argentina.The affaire is just begining and nobody know where the 800.000 US are now and what is his legal owner.

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