Sunday, December 16, 2007


Last week four departaments of Bolivia make a statment about regional autonomy intentions.Santa Cruz a agroindustrial zone,Tarija with the main bolivian oil ressources,El Beni a livestock important pole and Pando on bolivian Amazones.This are the most developped an rich zones in Bolivia economy with 76% of bolivian revenues.The reason the contraversial new amendement to bolivian Constitution aprooved by theConstituyente asembly without the presence of opposition parties.The prefect a elected political figure and head in 4 Departaments are all opposite to Evo policies.This Sunday is a crucial day by the recall is to citizen to confirm the autonomies demands.Morales say that is a ilegal action outside contitution regulation,opposition remarks that the new constitution is also ilegal in the form.The central government has reinforces security in the main urban centers in prevention of incidents,specially in Santa Cruz de la Sierra also peasants of rural areas gather outside the city to defend Morales measures.Is a very explosive scenery.Evo Morales remember the fall of Sanchez de Losada the former elected president by many deaths people in other political confrontation.A former army general who take part in Che Guevara capture say today that army be neutral in eventual incidents.Morales say that the national integrity in in danger.Last November in incidents betewen manifestants and police in urban riots with 3 death people an order forces must went back.
Bolivia as a large history of territorial lost by wars lost with other countries or by bad diplomatic contraversial limits treaties.But now the demand begin inside Bolivia.Bolivia is a very complex country with a very low rate of developpment.A new territorial separation would be a no realistic action and a ghost of civil war is in the bolivian gates with not only economical damage to all bolivian society besides to political stability very scarce in the past.

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