Sunday, December 02, 2007


Today a colombian newspaper reproduce the text of a Ingrid Betacouncourt letter who was never sent neither delivered to his mother but is evidence that former candidat to President of Colombia is still alive.
Ingrid is a prisoner of Farc guerrilla for many years, she is a innocent people if is a crime have political ideas most people must be in jail.Farc action is not diferent of a mobil nazi concentration camp in the deep of colombian forest.The action is a very injust an cruel action because Ingrid is a woman a mother,and has no comitted any fault.Is a unwise and silly action who descredited Farc ideas mantain a harmles people as Ingrid in a irregular prison without trial and no charges,Beside the letter show a great damage not only phisical of Ingrid health.This action qualifies as a phisical an mental torture punish in every place as human right violation or International Court of Justice as war crimes if Farc says the is a army .The Betancout liberation is not a condition to talks betewen government and guerilla is a humanitarian necesary action without conditions.OEA must involve in this issue as a emblematic one and Chavez instead of break relationships with Colombia must use his influence over Farc guerrillas to liberate Ingrid,the same actions could be done by Lula and Correa Government both countries has means to show Farc that is not a minor issue if Farc aspire some day to envolve in legal political activities gain some credibility if liberate Ingrid Betancourt as soon as posible if is true his propaganda about popular aims of liberty to colombia people.The opposite and maintain Ingrid against his rights to live with his family and with a minimum of human decence is a barbaric and a criminal action of Farc and a international descredit to Marulanda eventual leadership.

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