Friday, December 07, 2007


Uruguay is a tiny country in comparation with Argentina both are over the Uruguay river as a natural frontier.The historical relationships were good till 2003 when the former Uruguay government make a agreement with a finland company to build a cellulose industry in Botnia in the Uruguay river area.The reaction began in Gualeguachu a middle city of Argentina near the border and with a bridge conection with Botnia.To day is a big diplomatic problem to Kitchner President an Tabare Vasquez.Both are member of Mercosur a very erratic trade and political agreement including besides Paraguay Brasil Bolivia and other asociated countries.To day uruguayan press say that Tabare Vasquez make presence in Kitchner wife new Argentina President Cristina assumption traveling by road to Buenos Aires and is argentinian authorities give garanties of a safe trip.The affair is a national issue 62% of uruguay people back Tabaré position.Argentina demanded International Court of Hay the diferendun solution.Many times the bridge is interrupted in argentinian side with dificulties to transport to Brasil an Chile goods.Tabare says that forest industry in crucial to economic develpment of Uruguay.The country has 800.000 artificial forest hectareas,Argentina also have 1.5 millions forest hectareas an more cellulose industries that Uruguay and very old manifactures.Is a posibility that Uruguay leave Mercosur.Other consecuence of Botnia issue is that Brasil also have a growing forest with 241 industrial factories and Paraguay is concerned.
The theme is very complex with political,ecological and economic implications.But is a consensus
that the more relevant aspect are nacionalism a very strong feeling in both countries.

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