Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Nobody knows the reason why Fujimori former peruvian president
made years ago a trip to Santiago de Chile in a private rented jet in circunstances was in a Interpol list demanded by Peru authorities by several legal demands particulary by human rights violation during his govenment.Is a bizarre issue.First in a international tour Fujimori resign the presidency by Fax and stay en Japan.In fact he have two nacionalities.In Chile was arrested and by a peruvian demand during long months must face to a extradition demand.The High chilean Justice Court aprove this year the extradition y was sended to Lima in a peruvian police aircraft.Since this day began not only several trials with Fujimori in a special jail.Yesterday a court read a sentence ofguilty of invasion of former inteligence chief Montecinos wife house in search of videos and other incrimination probes by security forces.The condemn 6 years in jail,Fujimori plead no guilty.
A clue is largely political, the peruvian public opinion es divided,many people thinks Fujimori is guilty of human rigth violations as La Cantuta masacre in where 13 persons died including a child by Colina a paramilitary inteligence group.But many other people are prone to think Fujimori was a good president and end the terrorist menace of Sendero Luminoso a marxist
group with similar aims as maoist.Also one daugther is a politician with a representation site in peruvian chamber of representants.Many people thinks that the Fujimori aims is return to political scenary and the best mean is the trial to show to peruvian Fujimori political staments.Is a very elusive situation and nobody knows the end of Fujimori affaire.But the worst alternative is if it found guilty of Cantuta action in this case must remain 30 years in prison an today Fujimori age is 69.
Image:Caretas Magazzine,Lima

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